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A Plea To The Bride To Be
What do you do when your well-meaning "Uncle Bob" butchers your wedding video?


by Mike S. Cecotka

What do you do when your well-meaning "Uncle Bob" butchers your wedding video?
Please don't come to me for help, especially when all I can see are ceilings and people's feet, and your heart-felt marriage vows and expression of love for your spouse are inaudible and imperceptible. No matter how much experience and state-of-the-art equipment I have as a
professional videographer, I cannot salvage the precious, memorable moments of your wedding. They are lost forever.

I am continually perplexed by the fact that many families spend huge amounts of well-earned money on the amenities of lavish weddings, from the beautiful gowns and handsome
tuxedos to the magnificent, multi-course meals and open bars, but fail to include the services of a
professional videographer in their budgets to document one of the most important days in their lives. Instead, they devote a substantial sum to a still photographer, which is fine, but when all is said and done, there is nothing like capturing significant family events with the power of sound,
motion and emotion, which only video can achieve.

Due to the tremendous stress and excitement of their wedding day, most couples, mere weeks later, have difficulty recalling what transpired. They lapse into a form of amnesia. If, shortly after the big event, they have trouble recollecting the well-wishing, smiling faces of family and friends and such traditions as the speeches, toasts, cutting of the cake and the always romantic
first dance, how can they expect to remember them many years into the future? That's why it is imperative to request a professionally produced video to preserve the lasting legacy of the love that you and your husband shared on your special day.

I can't begin to tell you how many family relationships have been damaged by amateur wedding videos. "If I'd only known Uncle Bob was going to get drunk and do a rotten job of videotaping my wedding." complain many a newlywed.

Think about it for a moment: How much would you pay to have a pristine-quality DVD of your parents' wedding? Imagine if that technology had existed back then. Wouldn't a vibrant video be much superior to the dull black-and-white snapshots of Mom and Dad?

Recently, I received a telephone call from a woman whose wedding I had videotaped. She informed me that her husband had passed away from cancer. The woman wished to thank
me for the wedding video because it's the only meaningful record she has of her husband before his illness. He was full of joy, laughter and life that will endure virtually forever, thanks to the professionally produced DVD. When you have your wedding videotaped, you never know who,
among family and guests, will be still with you a few days, weeks, months or years hence. Maintaining a high-quality keepsake of coveted memories on videotape of those who
might depart from your midst in the near or distant future is vital.

This is the 21st century. There exist the technological tools to make permanent records of our lives. But when it comes to capturing the beauty and love of a wedding ceremony and reception, you cannot afford - no matter what any electronics salesperson tells you - to trust Uncle Bob
to undertake the task. It's best to let him enjoy the proceedings and allow a proven professional do the job right. Next to your matrimonial home, it could be the best investment you ever make.

If, for whatever reason, you still insist that a friend or relative videotape your wedding, please do yourself a favor by visiting my website for a FREE printable shot list to help you get the most out of this important day. In addition, for those interested, I would be happy to conduct a seminar entitled "How to Shoot a Wedding without Putting Your Audience in a Coma".

Author's Information:
Mike S. Cecotka
Phone: 416-695-4303

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